Laura Kate Dale (LauraKBuzz)
"I've found her approach to be flavored with a unique perspective on the industry, one that is both refreshing and educational" - Jim Sterling

So, my name is Laura and I write about video games for a living. That's a really amazing thing to be able to write, it still blows my mind somewhat. So, what's the key info you need to know about what I do?Hey, you there, I'm Laura Dale. I'm a freelance games and media critic who switches back and forth between serious critique of video games, and podcasts about video game character butts.

I write about video games for lots of places. In the last four years I have set up and run a flourishing Indie games website called, Worked as UK Editor at Destructoid, freelanced at RPS, Kotaku UK, The Guardian, Polygon, Vice, IGN, The Jimquisition and more. I am also an Editor over at Lets Play Video Games, where I unboxed and reviewed the PS4 Slim three weeks before it was announced by Sony, leaked numerous accurate pieces of information about the Nintendo Switch before it launched (Split D-Pad, Offset Sticks, Capture Button, USB-C, Micro SD support, Inability to charge while in kickstand mode, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle etc) and write light hearted content about video games my cats should play.

I currently make a living via Patreon over at, where fans of my work make small monthly donations that combine to form my salary. I also take on paid freelance jobs when they're available.